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26th Annual Stoker Classic - Sunday, August 23, 2020 - Bucknell Golf Club 

Congrats to 2020 Champions Rob Baglio and Dan Hinckle and Brian Shanahan on winning the won the James E Farrell, Jr Putting trophy.


1) Rob Baglio/Dan Hinckle  61

2) Maggie Farrell/Kevin Shanahan 64

T3) Pat Shanahan/Ernie Graham 65

T3) Matthew Noel/Joe Lopresti  65

T5) Connor Shanahan/Michael Wiley  66

T5) John Phipps/Will Lopacinski  66

T7) Bobby Ferraro/Jim Shanahan  68

T7) Matthew Bannon/Jason Lennon  68

T7) Peter Libby/ Jerry Huffman  68

T7) Jay Bannon/Brian Shanahan  68

T11) Kevin Bannon/Corky Engel  69

T11) Charlie Bannon/Mark Farrell  69

13) Toebe Hinckle/Jason Zerbe  70

14) Patrick Bannon/Tom Kanyok  72