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Date: August 21, 2020

Huff Likely to Maintain Social Distancing
Stoker legend Huff surprised everyone at his annual Stoker press conference this week when he announced that he anticipates maintaining social distancing through 2023.  Here is an excerpt:
RM: Mr. Huffistuff, we have heard rumors that you intend on maintaining social distancing through 2023.  Can you comment on that?    
Huff: This thing is no joke and I take it seriously.  I need to take proper precautions and ensure I protect myself.   
RM: Do you think that is somewhat of an overkill and excessive to continue to social distance long after the threat of Covid has passed?
Huff: Covid?  What?  I'm talking about social distancing from my shit team, Team Flop.  We stink, I mean shit, we STINK!.  Four straight we have lost.  Shit.  I need to stay away from those guys.  Have you seen Phipps' numbers in match play?  I've been asking for a trade to Team Lebber for about two decades now.  What's it going to take, shit, I mean SHIT?  I want to quaran-team with those guys.  Please."
Trade talks between the two teams have stalled since 2002 but are ongoing.
Socially Conscious Founders' Covid Fundraiser Expected to Raise Thousands
The Founders expect to raise thousands for Covid relief this year with various Stoker themed items on the block.  Items expected to draw hot bidding include: a Partridge autographed golf glove signed by Wily Lop to maintain the charade that he's not hiding Partridge, a treasure map to locate Danny Kim autographed by Willy Lop, immunity from Hinckle giving you a hole by hole recount of his round, Chal's old cardigan and Hansen brothers style glasses, Father Brian's collar, Creeper's shoes that he wasn't wearing when he passed his breathylyzer, 2009 clippings from Muzz's stache, Wedgie Boy's 7th grade basketball shorts.  Other items available for the more economically conscious are Libby's toothpicks left on the sausage plate from the 2017 post-round Stoker, Jimmy Shan's handwritten directions from the Buffet Concert to Eagles Mere for the first Stoker and an autographed copy of Turkey Leg Teke's deep fried turkey recipe.    
Flops Relish Extraordinary Opportunity
Now that the Huff Cup has been rescheduled for April 9, 2020, Team Flop captain Willy Lop appreciates the gravitas of the opportunity presented to his team.  "I know my guys and I know they can do it.  We all adopted the DeChambeau model during the quarantine and put on 30-50 lbs each.  Did it result on increased hypertension, body fat and less distance off the tee?  Yes, but my guys answered the bell.  That's why I know we can lose two Huff Cups in four months.  Has anyone ever done it before?  No, but did anyone ever lose a hole in match play when their opponent put up a 9 on a hole?  Not until they met Jonny.  Jonny showed us it can be done.  I trust my guys."     
Soft Ferraro Triggered By Stoker Twitter Account
Fake tough guy Ferraro has pinned a lot of opponents in his day but he can't seem to shake his toughest opponent yet, the Stoker Twitter feed.  Snowflake Ferraro, who used to try and intimidate his opponents by wearing a unitard, has been justly mocked on the Stoker Twitter feed for his lack of Stoker preparation, piss poor Stoker performance, excessive eating and stupid mustaches.  Ferraro, who also apparently models pirate hats, remains baffled.  "It's not right and I don't know who it is." said Ferraro.  "At first I thought it was Noel, then maybe Shan.  I think Libby might have something to do with it.  But maybe it's Wiley.  I could see Zerb doing it too.  Maybe B Man.  I'm not sure.  I'm just not sure."  It's not paranoia if they are really out to get you, pirate.  If you despise Ferraro for his fake nice guy routine (as most do), please follow Stoker Classic on Twitter and like any and all disparaging posts about him.  
Upstairs Bathroom at the Lodge Has Seen It All
This year, Rumor Mill pays tribute to one of the unsung heroes of Stoker weekend, the upstairs bathroom at the Lodge.  We have the exclusive.  "Sure, there are three bathrooms upstairs, but I am the only one that is adjacent to three bedrooms.  Tell me another bathroom where, at any given moment, you're surrounded by 11 to 15 guys who are surviving on a diet of pork, Canadian Club and beer.  3 p.m. or 3 a.m., I have to be ready.  You know Teke?  I do.  All too well.  Look, I respect the other bathrooms, but they can't handle the volume I do.  One more thing, I just want to say that the ceiling fan in the bedroom next to me (you know which bedroom) is the other hardest working man in the Lodge.  Wiley's breath, the collective gas.  Jesus.  I'd say I can't fathom what it smells like in there but I can.  Bud mud, vomit, snarfs, I've seen it all.  Even if that fan circulated air like a turbine in a hurricane it still wouldn't clear everything out but it does the best it can."   
Local Lewisberg Convict Assesses Prison Chances of Stoker Participants
The 2020 Stoker will be historic for a variety of reasons and it will be the first Stoker not to be played in Eagles Mere but at Bucknell University in Lewisberg, PA, home of a federal prison.  Since it's likely that at least one Stoker participant will end up in the local Lewisberg Federal Prison, the Rumor Mill has enlisted current prisoner Billy Ray Sullivan to assess some participant's chances in prison:
Willy Lop: "He's a pretty boy and a lot of the boys in here like that.  But he's a hell of a negotiator.  I like his chances."
Hinckle: "Andy Dufrense without the street smarts. He has fresh fish stamped all over him.  Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish!"
Channy: "I like his adaptability.  He's comfortable at a debutante ball or a pub. Salvation lies within."
Teke: "Wildcard.  You ever walk through an alley late at night and you see another guy and it scares the shit out of you?  Teke's mentality is eff that, that guy should be scared of me.  That mentality goes a long way in here."  
Jimmy Shan: "I see him as a Red from Shawshank type.  Guy who knows how to get things."  
Lennon and Noel: "(Giddy laughter).  Listen, them California types think adversity is when they run out of avocado for your toast."
Bop Noel: "Guy's got a real wild streak that I like.  Any time the other guy is unsure whether he is going to shake your hand or rip your heart out, it's an advantage in here.  Bop has that."   
Marty the Blade Handicaps Stoker
Now that gambling is legal in most states, Rumor Mill has you covered for this weekend's best bets with renowned handicapper Marty the Blade's plays and fades.
Wiley -110 v. B Man 
Look, this is Flop on Flop action.  Is this match up like asking me which Menendez brother is less guilty?  Yes, but Wiley is a gamer and B Man has too may weird belts.  
Willy Lop +135 v. Jimmy Shan
Willy plays more golf than Sunjae Im but I like Jimmy Shan's grit.  No one has ever come to play on a Stoker Sunday like Jimmy Shan.  Actually, no one has ever come to play on a Stoker Sunday, but since 2020 is a clustereff, I like Jimmy Shan.  
Combined Schlepper Score 406 (Even)
Over.  Have you looked at the Stoker scoring history for the Schleppers?  I'd say these guys stink but it's an insult to stink.  I like Zerb to put up a couple of 13's and Bopper's wedding to add 11 strokes.  Give me the over all day and then tack on 10.  The only stress you'll experience wagering on this one is whether you'll trip and hit your head on your way to the window to collect.
Maggie Farrell shoots 96 or under (-110)
The Blade is a numbers guy.  The numbers tell me that Maggie Farrell has shot three straight 96's at the Stoker.  The counterargument is that there will be a reversion to the mean but the mean is 96.  The Blade's pick?  Push.  Give me another 96.
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